31 Golf Business Ideas [Make Golf your New Startup]

golf business ideas

Being the boss of your own is always on your mind, but you are out of ideas. Here we are, with so many ideas to convey, before that we need to ask you a few questions. Are you a golf enthusiast? Is it possible that when you are not at home or not at work, you are most likely to be found at the golf course? If the answer is yes, then we are glad to announce that we can help you with the ideas of how to make golf your new startup. We will provide you golf business ideas to help you turn your passion into a business.

How to choose a Profitable Golf business idea?

We are here to give you ideas, but no other person but you can understand what will be good for you and what not. So as an advice, before choosing new golf business ideas, make sure that you do your homework or research thoroughly.

One more thing, you need not be a pro at golf to start a new golf business, you can go for other golf related business ideas too.

Here we will discuss both big and small golf business ideas, feel free to choose whichever suits you. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dig into the ideas.

1.Mini Golf for kids:

Let kids enjoy your mini golf course. They will learn in their way, and when they grow, they can be good at the real game. If you are good with kids, then the mini golf course is a profitable golf business idea. It will be entertaining as well as it will make you money. I found an interesting article about how to build a mini golf course for kids at your own home yard on My kids adventures.

2. Glow in the dark course:

An indoor golf course has its popularity, the glow in the dark course is similar to a miniature course, and however, it attracts more people, because of the black light, the other vibrant colors, and better lighting effect. You can give a thought about it if you are considering opening a mini-golf course. You will get fresh ideas about miniature golf course here on Howtostartanllc.

3. A store:

Owning your golf store would be a classy idea. You can contact the manufacturer, or with the wholesalers and buy golf equipment from them, and you can sell those to the customers keeping your profit margin. You can decide your profit margin. Be aware of the competitors and try to keep your profit margin not so high that you lose your business. I prefer this article on Entrepreneur and I bet you will get some ideas.

4. Online sale:

If you are not able to afford a store just right now, do not worry. You can still buy the golf equipment from the manufacturer or wholesalers, and you can sell them on online websites like eBay or Amazon. Here also you can decide the percentage of the profit.

Another opportunity for you can be that you can buy the equipment from the persons who no longer need them anymore, and you can sale those in online keeping your profit.

5. Create your websites:

Forget about eBay or Amazon, nowadays having a website of your own business is a great deal. You can have your own website where you can sell golf equipment. At first, you can start with the main gear, like golf clubs or golf balls. As mentioned earlier you can stock these from directly the manufacturers or the wholesalers. Gradually you can start adding other equipment as well. Read this article on Fitsmallbusiness and you will get ideas to go ahead with your own business website.

6. Golf Instructor:

You can be a golf instructor, and start sharing your knowledge to other golf enthusiasts. You can give private lessons to them in your place or else you can visit their home too. Either way, you will make money as well as you will get to know many things from others also. You need to learn more and more for absolute knowledge. This educational video will give you some ideas.

7. Golf trainer:

Being a golf trainer, you can share your knowledge as well as you can show the demonstration practically to your clients. If you can arrage a space for training at your home, then you can start training golf for the beginners. If your client prefers to have the training at their place you can visit them too. One good thing about this can be that you can make your schedule. Being a golf trainer can be a side hustle, and you do not have to leave your job for it unless you are willing to quit your job.

8. Golf school:

Golf school can be a great idea if you have researched and have confidence in marketing strategy and you have good teaching quality. You can open a school and recruits students and start teaching. 

9. E Book:

You can write an EBook for golfers, who plan to improve their gameplay. Write it in simple and understandable language. Writing an ebook and publishing it is much easier than a paper printed book. iThe golfers who cannot afford money to visit a golf trainer will be benefitted by your book, and you can make money from it.

10. Online videos:

If you are not that much willing to communicate or visit others personally, here is another small golf business idea for you. Online golf videos are the answer to your problems. You can make short video clips about the common mistakes of playing golf, or game tactics and you can post these videos online where the persons willing to learn golf needs to pay. If your videos go viral, you will get more viewers, and then you can earn money in no time.

11. Constructing a golf course:

If you have the capital and you are into construction, you can start by building golf courses. Other than that, the golf courses require huge maintenance. You can get in touch with the golf courses and start approaching them for the maintenance services. The Eigca will show you some ideas about building up a golf course.

12. Backyard Putting green:

Putting green is a great concept nowadays. Many golfers do not wish to visit the golf course and spend transport cost, here is an innovative idea for those people. You can help them install putting green on their backyard. You can also help them maintain the putting green, and you can have a regular income from the maintenance service.

13. Sports recruitment Agency:

To have a successful sports recruitment agency you need to enroll yourself with the golf clubs and provide them with young talents. The clubs would take responsibility to help them become master golfer. This type of agency is a new golf business idea which can make you smile at your bank account with pride.

14. Advertising agency:

Every business needs promotion, be it a glow-sign board or leaflets or any other marketing strategy. You need to focus on this part that advertising is an essential factor for business owners. So you can start your advertising agency. There are many possibilities in a golf-related market; you can begin advertising about the golf clubs, the golf management companies, or the manufacturers who are making golf equipment. You can start with less capital at first, and on the other hand, you can start the business from your own home. Also, you can choose how you can advertise; you can choose from both offline and online marketing strategies.

15. Promotion Ideas:

If you do not have the capital to open your advertising agency, but you have great promotion ideas on your mind, you can start selling those ideas to the advertising agency and get paid for it. Many advertising agencies search for talents who have unique promotion ideas; you can be a freelancer and earn from being in your comfort zone. You can help them with golf course promotion ideas, or the other business owners.

16. Be a professional personality manager:

All professional golfers hire a manager, who can take responsibilities of their matters both off and on the field. It would help if you managed their schedule, the advertisement campaign deals, and other work-related affairs also. If you are good at personality management, then you can choose this option to shine.

17. Laundry service:

Another great idea is to open your laundry service and get in contact with the golf clubs or golf courses. As we all the golfers do not wash their clothes, so what these clubs do is to hire a laundry service and send all those clothes to get cleaned. It is a huge money-making business idea; if you can do well, you will get business deals from other clubs as well.

18. Golf kids club:

A golf kids club is another smart idea for entrepreneurs. You can contact schools, or directly to the parents to enroll their kids to your golf club. You need to have a license to start this kind of business. You can guide the kids, and even you will get profits for this. It would help if you organized as many events as you can to make the kids understand the minute details of golf as easy as possible.

19. Manufacturing Golf Equipments:

If you can think big, you can do big. You can earn money from making equipment for golf. At first, you can start with the basic things like the club or even the ball. You need to attract potential wholesalers or retailers to help you grow your business. If you can put your hard work and your prime focus in this you can get a contract from the major golf events or others.

20. Selling tickets:

You can start a ticket selling agency where you can sell tickets for golf events or other sports matches. These types of agencies are basically commission based, and what you will earn is entirely determined by the number of tickets you can sell.

21. Putt putt golf course:

Though putt putt is a miniature version, still it does not omit the features of the parent game, which is the main reason it attracts classy and rich people. If you can open a putt putt golf course, you will get rich in very little time.

22. Golf Blogger:

Think you know golf by heart? Your knowledge of golf can defeat any regular average fan. Start writing blogs about it. Blogging is a fun way to make cash. To get more viewers you would need some times, but you can always act as a freelancer, and start writing content for the sports sites.

23. Photography:

Are you passionate about photography? Do you have a camera with all the nice features? Then you can go for sports photography. Be it any event or any major golf player is playing, you can click their photos and sell it the sports magazine. If your photos are of good quality, you will get paid more than you can imagine.

24. Golf course for sell:

Building your own golf course would take so much time and effort. You can search for any golf course that is up for sale, you can purchase it. If you wish to renovate it, you can do that too. The primary way to attract more clients in your golf course is by organizing frequent tournaments. If you get in touch with companies who sponsor this type of matches you can earn a significant amount of money.

25. Catering service:

Another potential business idea is the food business. If you are into catering or you are planning to start a catering business, you can contact the golf resort and the golf events, and you can pack lunch boxes or snack boxes for them. All you need to check is that your food is tasty enough and proper hygiene is maintained while preparing for it. You will earn much money in this sector.

26. Cleaning and repairing Service:

You can opt for this idea as well. Golf clubs are needed to be adequately cleaned. You can offer repair services of golf clubs too, for this type of business growth you need to keep in touch with the golf resorts, otherwise, if a person does need your service wouldn’t be able to get to you.

27. Sports bar:

Many people love to watch a sport in a sports bar as the crowd too will enjoy the event, and that will be a lively atmosphere. You can open a sports bar, and do I need to tell you how fast you can earn?

28. Fitness coach:

Sportspersons require fitness coach to be active. If you are into fitness and can guide someone to be fit as well, you can enroll yourself as a fitness coach. Even you can be a personal trainer to them.

As well as you can also look after their diet, what you need to do is to get a nutrition certificate (the online course is also available). There are enormous requirements for fitness coach; you don’t have to worry about earning money.  

29. Smartphone Application:

If you are tech savvy, or you are into software development, you can build a sports app. Sports app are famous these days because due to work pressure we cannot always catch up with the live matches. So sports app is a savior to us where we can see the live updates of the game. You can develop a sports app too where any live golf event can be watched, or other sports are welcome too, I’m sure it will help you in gaining profit.

30. Massage service

If you are a professional masseuse, you can approach local players for your massage service. If they are satisfied with your service, they will recommend you to others as well, and you can grow your business. If you have the urge to know how to become a massage therapist then simple search on the web for it.

31. Memorabilia Shop

If you are a memorabilia collector, you can earn huge money in a brief period. If you can provide a poster which is signed by Tiger Woods, you will make money. Many sellers in eBay sell memorabilia, you need to keep track, judge their authenticity and buy those before anyone. You can decide your profit margin, and make money.

So these are all the ideas that can be fruitful for you, as I said earlier before investing in a business you need to do your research, and of course, you need to be in good terms with your clients and as well as other sources. If you can maintain a good reputation, success will kiss your feet.

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