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channel marketing

What is Channel Marketing? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

To understand the concept of channel marketing, it is best to have a quick look at some marketing basics. We’ll call them “the four P’s of marketing”. Your marketing mix…

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b2b marketing strategies

33 Proven B2B Marketing Strategies

Those who have ventured into the B2B arena before can testify that finding and acquiring new customers is not an easy task. There are several factors behind this, one of…

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short term business goals

11 Short-Term Business Goals: Set Smarter and More Effective Goals

So you have started your business. Congratulations! But the simple, ugly truth is that your business might fail before it reaches its second anniversary. I don’t mean to be blunt,…

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work from home jobs with no startup costs

21 Best Work From Home Jobs with No Startup Costs

It was tough to come across people working from home before the invention of the internet. If you had a dream of working from home, it would cost you some…

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golf business ideas

31 Golf Business Ideas [Make Golf your New Startup]

Being the boss of your own is always on your mind, but you are out of ideas. Here we are, with so many ideas to convey, before that we need…

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mobile business ideas

11 Profitable Mobile Business Ideas to Launch During Startup

We live in the entrepreneurial renaissance. The 21st century has brought levels of prosperity and opportunity like never before—and it seems like everyone wants in on the entrepreneurs’ lifestyle. Even…

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business ideas for women

21 Business Ideas for Women who don’t Want to be Just Housewives

Women in the 21st century are stepping up to the world’s stage. We see a lot of female professionals who have managed to combine family and work very well. In…

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how to start your own clothing line

How to Start Your Own Clothing Line: Clothing Business Ideas

Lets set a backdrop with a short story, shall we? The Christian folks like to believe that the genesis of the gazillion and one eternal predicament of human beings was…

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advantages and disadvantages of partnership

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnership: All you Need to Know

Businesses can come with a wide range of challenges and hardships, but we all know the incredible feeling of making your first sale or negotiating an incredible deal. However, for…

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freelance marketing

Freelance Marketing: 8 Simple Tips for Getting Started

When setting up a freelance business you need to tell people what you do and let them know you are available for work – marketing your new business is essential…

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